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Sunday, August 07, 2005

On a lighter note...

There I was, happily imagining that this blog would simply be an outlet for my burblings. Then I wake up and find that my hit count has nearly quadrupled over night.

A little digging revealed that my "Y2K vs Peak Oil" post had been listed as the first article on energybulletin.net for the 5th of August. Also, I had been picked up by depression2.tv (ironically the majority of people reading this probably are all too aware of either of these facts). I have frequented both sites in the past, so needless to say it was gratifying to be featured. Thanks to both sites (and anyone else who links here)!

I will keep on posting serious articles, but just for now I thought you might all like this link. Seemingly by accident some anonymous subtitler has achieved the impossible - made the dialogue in Revenge of the Sith entertaining. Enjoy!